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Normal service resumed

April 20, 2009

*g*  Well, the girls are back to school and the launch of FC is over, so it’s time I was at work on something else, though it’s not helping that my calves are murder today 😉

As always after the holidays it’s really hard to get back to some sort of productive routine, and today was not an exception.  Mind you, I did find some great morris dancing videos on YouTube, so I count that as a win.

Milford Women’s Morris v. the Daleks

Extreme Morris from Dogrose Morris side

I did get some work done, though.  I’m struggling with a time-line for a short novella (long short story?) for a YA, military anthology being put together by Mark Probst.  The deadline for submission on that one is the 30th of April, and currently I only have 2500 words.  But both of my characters now have names! And I do have a timeline!  I hate trying to figure out how old people are in which dates, as my mathematics is not up to all that addition and subtraction. 

Am continuing my tradition of one character with a sensible name, and one with a silly one – Harry and Garnet (which really was used as a boy’s name at least once in the 18th Century.)

And I’ve managed to figure out a couple of points at which it touches some real history, and find a real conveniently deserted but inhabitable island for the setting.  And it has a name; “Fool for love.”  So now it’s just a case of writing it!

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