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September 9, 2014



Guest post by Kevin Klehr

December 30, 2012

Guest post by Kevin Klehr.

I Can Haz new Blog

April 21, 2009

I can has new website too!

Or in non-cat speech, I have a new website designed by the lovely Celia Kyle of Get Cesigned

See my lovely new website here

and it has an attached blog, to which I can post to using the same interface. 

The idea was that I could simplify all my blogs into one place, so I’m no longer crossposting everywhere and cluttering up the internet with duplicate copies of everything.

I’ve exported all my posts from this blog into the new one, so all of the content is now over there, and I’m going to be retiring this blog as of now.

If you’ve been following this blog, please change your bookmark to

and I’ll hope to see you over there! 🙂

Normal service resumed

April 20, 2009

*g*  Well, the girls are back to school and the launch of FC is over, so it’s time I was at work on something else, though it’s not helping that my calves are murder today 😉

As always after the holidays it’s really hard to get back to some sort of productive routine, and today was not an exception.  Mind you, I did find some great morris dancing videos on YouTube, so I count that as a win.

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April was in March (and so was I).

April 19, 2009

So, I have survived my first ever dance-out!  Woohoo 🙂  We were set to start at 11.30 in the market square of a town called March, which I had never visited before.  They were having their St.George’s Day fair and wanted some attractions, and the Ely and Littleport Riot women’s morris side had been employed as one of these.

We didn’t know where to meet.  ‘In the market square’, I’d been told, but I didn’t know where the market square was, and the town was much bigger than I thought.  Fortunately, however, we bumped into some jingling ladies in the car-park, so the whole meeting up thing was accomplished with no difficulty.

Here we are lined up about to start off with Ely Stars:


Which is a stick dance for 6 people

As you can see, I gave it my all:


My all is not very much at present, but I’m hoping that with enough practice it will increase.  I also started a diet yesterday with the aim of eventually being able to close my waistcoat without the extra stomacher!

And then we did several more dances including Pottersbury, Goose Green, Country Gardens and finished off the set with Padnall.


It ain’t over until the fat lady dances!

After that we wandered up the high street, passing organ grinders and jesters and people riding penny farthings


and donut stalls and cheese stalls etc etc, stopping to do one or two dances every 500 feet or so.  By half one we called it a morning and went to the pub for lunch.  And unfortunately after that I had to leave because Ailith needed to be taken to a birthday party, and Rose wasn’t feeling well, so needed someone to be at home with her.

I messed up only one dance, and even in that one I managed to find my place again without disrupting anyone else.  So, the duck is broken and I’ve done it once now (returning home with a celebratory rosette 🙂 )  I’ll feel a bit more confident on this coming Thursday when I’m dancing out again at 7pm in the evening in Whittlesea.

And now for something completely different

April 19, 2009


Wish me luck!  I’m going on my first dance-out with the Ely and Littleport Riot Morris dancing side in an hour.  Eek!  I’m terrified.  I have my waistcoat, I have my hankies, I have bells on my shoes, and sticking plaster on my heels because the shoes still murder my feet if I let them.  But I’m still making very basic mistakes in every dance, and I only know three dances all the way through.

It’ll be a disaster!  So if anyone is near March in Cambridgeshire and fancies coming to see us dance in March town square, we’re on at 11.30.  Will report back later with photos, if I’m still alive 😉

Somali Pirates

As may be apparent from False Colors, I don’t buy into the romance of pirates.  But having said that, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  For example

Positive results of Amazonfail

April 17, 2009

1. Huge amounts of inadvertent publicity for False Colors, Transgressions, and The Filly, in particular, and the existence of gay romance as a genre in general.  Ironically enough, in trying to keep it invisible, they’ve managed to publicise it all over the world.

2. We’ve become aware that censorship on Amazon is an ongoing problem:

Additional Reasons to Not Forget #amazonfail

and hopefully we’ve become aware that while one huge company retains control over the visibility of books in general, there is always going to be a threat that the thought police could disappear entire segments of writing, thoughts and information, just by de-ranking them and taking them off the search facility.

What can we do?

1. Make an effort to buy from somewhere else.  Currently I’m all for supporting Barnes and Noble with my buck, because they have been brave enough to begin shelving m/m romances in the ‘Romance’ section as well as the gblt section.  Pretty much the opposite of what Amazon was doing.

But, rather than buy on the internet from the USA, I’m also going to make the effort to go into my local town, where there is a little, independent bookshop, and I will be ordering most of my new books through them in future.  Not only will this help them survive, but once they’ve seen the level of my demand for gay books, maybe they’ll actually start stocking them as a regular thing!

If you’re in the USA, this website will help you find your local independent book shop.

2. If you’d like to return something to the GBLT community in lieu of the total lack of any kind of apology from Amazon, consider buying

I Do: An Anthology in Support of Marriage Equality

(Dear Author’s review here)

all the proceeds of which go to helping Lambda Legal fight the legal battle for equal marriage rights for gblt people in the States.

Why did Amazonfail grow so big so fast?

*g*  Well, they banned Stephen Fry’s autobiography, ‘Moab is my Washpot’.  That on its own would have been enough to piss off the entire UK, where he’s considered something of a national treasure.

Stephen Fry on the relationship of the British to their language here:

(Beverage alert 😉 )